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Private Security Services

Bodyguard services

molpsg Security Services is a company who provides private security services and close personal protection services to clients in London, Ontario and surrounding areas. With the recent concerns that have stemmed from changes to technology and national and international political changes, the legitimate need for protection has increased.

Our security guards have undergone exceptional training to meet the requirements outlined in the Ministry-approved Ontario Security Guard Licence. At molpsg Security Services, we take it one step further and require our security guards to meet high physical fitness standards to ensure we meet every client’s need for personal security. Our security guards are trained to recognize threats and to keep you safe at all times.

Personal Security Services

Our close protection security services ensure your safety and well-being. This is our number one priority and we take pride in a job well done. Our security guards for personal security provide direct protection for our clients and can include anything from vehicle escorts, conventional body guarding and home monitoring services. When you hire molpsg Security Services for your personal security, we will provide consulting on your travel plans and the safeguarding of intellectual property and confidential records. Our qualified security guards will identify and anticipate any potential security threats or concerns that could affect your safety.

When you hire molpsg, you can count on the following from our highly trained security guards:

  • Risk assessments & loss prevention
  • Domestic executive protection
  • Celebrity & VIP protection
  • Surveillance & route planning
  • Professional security drivers & chauffeurs

Bodyguard Services

If you require close protection for an event or travel arrangement, our security guards have undergone the necessary training to provide professional and reliable bodyguard services. We are experienced in handling the special situations that can arise around public figures, politicians or celebrities and we will be able to ensure your safety and give you peace of mind. If you are concerned about traveling with your family, you can be assured that our bodyguards are discrete and trained to blend in with the environment, while offering you the protection you need. Whether you are worried about aggressive crowds, the media or any other safety threats, our bodyguards will protect you in every environment.

As with all of the security services offered by molpsg, we take pride in matching the right security guard with the right job. The security guards who will provide you with personal security services and bodyguard services have been carefully selected because their skills align with the skills and expertise required for your specific security needs.

Every security job we undertake is defined by our trademark modern, progressive and professional approach to security services. Please feel free to learn more

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